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Our commitment is to you as a student and the industry that you will work in. For industries to grow and thrive they need good workers, skilled workers.
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We understand that whilst you want to learn something new, life can't just stop for your studies. We have made our materials simple and created an easy to use online learning platform.
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Let's not go backwards. Just because something works doesn't mean it is the best way it could be. We strive to push the boundaries on what's next.
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We are not just educators, we are learners too. We are open to what you bring to the table, your experience, your feedback and what we can achieve together.

Equinim College has a sole focus on the student's education. All of our learning materials are written by our in-house training experts. This means the training is real, alive and is actually usable in the industry you are studying.

More About Us

About Us

Equinim College is a specialist Australian college for Information Technology. Equinim College offers  students the ability to study a range of Government accredited courses in Australia. Study with us and enjoy the unique experience of Equinim College learning and care.

Equinim College is run by a team of education experts who have been in the field of education since 1999. The Equinim Team started Equinim College in order to deliver quality education with a focus on each student as a person with their own vision and direction. We just want to be a stepping stone to success in their journey. We are committed to the highest quality delivery across all of its courses. We operate campuses Australia-wide, and offer on-campus education at 7 superb venues. Our education team writes all of our own curriculum material. There is no tick-box, minimum standards approach with Equinim College. With every engagement, and everything we do, you get our all. Equinim College brings to education the care, educational precision, and simplicity that all students deserve.  

Our Campuses

Not just a building, but a place to learn.
At Equinim College we appreciate the importance of creating an environment where students can enjoy, prosper and grow together. As such, we have taken a proven by research approach in how we set up every space. Each venue is chosen and crafted to invite and inspire our students and staff with whatever they need to experience the best education possible.

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